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Made in the U.S.A.

Providing you with all that you need to Harvest at Home…

Our American made, high quality HomeGro Gro Houses are designed to provide the ultimate protection from pests and critters. Made of High quality aluminum and steel, our personal Gro Houses will keep the birds, bunnies and bugs from wreaking havoc on your outdoor harvest. 

So, enjoy growing your harvest organically - without the need for pesticides.

Our Hydra Gro irrigation systems provide hassle free irrigation for your harvest. All you need is a standard hose bib and you are good to go. The Garden Gro irrigation system is designed to be efficient, flexible and hassle free. This system also allows for the integration of additional nutrients if so desired. 

Our Garden Gro soil system provides the best in available organic compounds for your plants. Ten years in the making, our nutrient rich Garden Gro soil is continually lab tested in order to insure quality and consistency. This soil is all that you need for planting your seeds and having them grow into fully matured plants.



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